Aid and Subsidies

The 2021 application period for financial aid to social and assistance projects aimed at people at risk or situation of social exclusion opens. Ends on December 31, 2020. Applications received after the deadline will be invalidated.

The Antonio Menchaca Foundation will study the applications received on time and will notify each of the requesting entities whether or not they are granted.

The documentation necessary for participation in the process of awarding financial aid is available in the following documents:

NOTE: The projects that receive aid must present before January 2022 a report justifying the project.

Solidarity Awards

Among the objetives of the Foundation, it is included the award of a prize inspired in the spirit of solidarity, in order to consider publicly to role played by those natural or legal persons, groups or private entities that have developed an ongoing basic over time an outstanding performance in the field of solidarity.

The awards are not monetary prizes, they consist on public recognition for the realised work and the delivering of an sculpture.

Any person can nominate candidates providing enough information to valuate candidates merits.

Premios a la Solidaridad

Applications must be sent Foundations home, located in Berastegui ST 4, 48001 Bilbao.